About Us


SheInTIC is a digitalization and training company. We support you in the field of IT and Cybersecurity. We help you in the digitalization of your company. But also, we are here to minimize the risks to your information system

Our Mission

SheInTIC is to offer quality and fast services for the various structures needing its aforementioned services. We are here to support companies in carrying out their projects.
SheInTIC focuses on the future and sets itself the mission of being a source of inspiration for companies and individuals, providing them with clear decision-making criteria and quality solutions.

Our Vison

SheInTIC is a booming startup in the Senegalese market that focuses on the quality of its services and seeks to identify a wide range of customers in the country and in the sub-region, who will benefit from the best services of SheInTIC.

SheInTIC wants to be a leader in It and Cybersecurity in Senegal, in the sub-region, on the African continent and internationally. 



Prévenir les attaques sur votre Système d'informations


Pour la digitalisation de votre Entreprise


Sensibiliser   sur la Cybersécurité





Phone: 00 221 33 823 12 60


Address: CK20 Cité Keur Khadim, Scat Urbam, Dakar, Senegal


Contact: contact@sheintic.com