Tracing application: Covid Trace

Technology to save lives

In its constant effort to offer the best solutions in all areas of IT for improving the lives of citizens of all countries. SheInTIC has addressed the COVID-19 pandemic with a revolutionary product that will undoubtedly save countless lives. This tool has already proven itself in many countries as a strategy to combat the spread of COVID-19 of the most innovative and effective. Countries that have used tracing systems are now seeing the number of new cases appearing decreased by the day. In view of the alarming situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and its rapid spread, SheInTIC has implemented a tracing application called "COVID TRACE".
The app allows health authorities to contact you quickly if you have been in close contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19. The app will be available on Android and IOS.

"COVID TRACE" is based on the BlueTrace Protocol, which is a privacy-preserving protocol, for tracing contacts conducted in a community using the Bluetooth device of smartphones, which allows for global interoperability. "COVID TRACE" is designed for decentralized proximity logging and complements the search for centralized contacts by health authorities. Proximity logging via Bluetooth solves a key limitation of manual contact tracking: it depends on a person's memory and is therefore limited to contacts that a person knows and remembers to have met.   "COVID TRACE" therefore allows the tracing of contacts to be more scalable and less resource-intensive. When the two applications are exchanged, the data is stored encrypted in the phone's internal memory and will only be decrypted once sent to the Health Authority level that manages the database.
This project "COVID TRACE" initiated by SheInTIC in collaboration with developers, will be made available to the Ministry of Health as our participation in the national effort to fight Covid19.

COVID TRACE is designed around privacy

Third parties cannot use BlueTrace communications to track users over time.
A device's temporary identifier changes frequently, preventing malicious actors from tracking users over time by sniffing BlueTrace messages.

Limited collection of personally identifiable information
The only personally identifiable information collected is a telephone number, which is stored safely by the health authority.

Local storage of dating history
Each user's dating history is stored exclusively on their own device in an encrypted manner. The health authority only has access to this history when an infected person chooses to share it.


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