About Us


SheInTIC is a consulting, digitalization and training company. We support you in the field of IT and Cybersecurity training in Cybersecurity Awareness. We put our skills at your service to help you digitize your business. In partnership with financial engineers, Bankers, SheInTIC also offers consulting services in Bank Finance and Assets Management.It is a
fast-growing startup in the Senegalese market that focuses on the quality of its services and seeks to identify a wide range of clients in the country and in the sub-region, to whom the best services of SheInTIC will benefit.

Our Mission

SheInTIC is to offer quality and fast services for the various structures needing its aforementioned services. We are there to support companies in carrying out their projects.
SheInTIC focuses on the future and has the mission of being an inspiration to businesses and individuals, providing them with clear decision-making criteria and quality solutions.

Our Vison

SheInTIC aims to be a leader in It and Cybersecurity in Senegal, in the sub-region, on the African continent and internationally, offering the best opportunities and consulting opportunities in Banking Finance and asset management for any investor or structure small or large, all over the world.