Bank Finance – Assets Management

SheInTIC also offers a very high quality consultancy service in Asset Management and Banking – Finance for investors or structures wishing to invest in real estate, wealth management, the acquisition of financial instruments (CD, SBLC, BG, MTN etc…) or in trading through PPPs (Private Investment Programs). To accompany her, SheInTIC works closely with banking engineers, finance engineers, Bank Merchants, finance and investment advisors in all geographic areas of the globe. A very broad and varied spectrum of investments and asset management can be offered to our clients according to their wishes, desires and available assets.

SheInTIC is involved in asset management with high regulatory and performance requirements and supports you in the design and implementation of your investment, capital management, asset management and revenue growth plans. Finance consultants, Bank Merchants, macro and microeconomic economists bring you the expertise you need to meet all your needs. Our team of economic and finance investment consultants are subject to high requirements for efficiency, risk management and regulatory constraints.

SheInTIC's Banking Finance and Asset Management component is based on three pillars: -Knowledge of the business and organization of management companies, financial platforms, the banking system as well as investment processes among intermediaries, market banks, investors (Privates, Investment Funds), stock exchanges, economists and insurers. -Designing plans, mastering the impacts of new regulations and bringing their knowledge of technological innovations in the Banking, Financial and Economic sectors to make the most of it. -By mastering the management techniques of SheInTIC projects secures and adapts the needs of private investors, organizations or states (countries) by putting tools, investment models, economic and financial most adequate and assured. SheInTIC offers you the best solutions, tools and asset and capital management opportunities. With SheInTIC your dividends and income through the strictest and most rigorous management of your funds and assets is most guaranteed, as well as insured by the largest insurance companies in this sector.