Professional English

Having trouble expressing yourself in English? Are you frustrated that you don't understand everything? Do you dream of one thing: to be able to communicate in English as you do with your native language?

SheInTIC offers you precision and quality English training, our training is provided by prestigious speakers to enable all professionals to improve and acquire a successful education.
The various modules available at SheInTIC are as follows.


General English

This course plan includes 3 (three) levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and is taught in groups of ten or individual learners. The main objective of this course is to promote the learning of the main basic elements of the English language. The purpose of this module is to allow the individual to evolve in an English-speaking environment without getting lost. At the end of this training, the learner will be able to

-To express yourself using basic expressions in English.

-To understand more the vocabulary expressed in an English conversation.

-To be able to understand the main ideas of a short text of a discussion, a documentary etc…

-To be able to write short texts such as an email of a few lines.

English Business

The English language being the language par excellence of business, it is nowadays a must in an "international business" environment. These are the fundamentals of business such as negotiation (contracts, tenders, investments, project management, etc.), managing a conflict, building a network of contacts, giving presentations or leading meetings.

A good knowledge of business English is important to successfully set up and/or implement business internationally.
Business English is a must for people who work or do business with English-speaking or other countries. Similarly very useful for local businesses that work in English or simply when you work abroad.

Our business English courses are based on real situations that you frequently encounter in your professional life. Your supervisor selects specific teaching materials, taking into account, among other things, specific areas in which you wish to progress.

Legal English

Our Legal English courses are aimed at all legal professionals. We allow lawyers, insurers, wealth managers, notaries, and lawyers to master the fundamentals of legal English. Written and oral expression, presentation and presence in a foreign language are guarantees of professionalism.

Our legal English modules rely on your knowledge of English to teach you the terms and phrases specific to the legal community.

Medical English

English is very common in the medical field. Whether you are liaising with colleagues abroad, stationed in an English-speaking country, wanting to consult specialized articles, or attend international medical conferences, you will need a special vocabulary specific to the medical field.

Our Medical English courses allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in English in your work.

Our courses are aimed at doctors, nurses, pharmacists, labourers, researchers, technicians and anyone who works in the medical field.

 Technical English

This training is aimed at an audience that has already acquired a general English of a so-called intermediate level. Its objective is to develop the ability to dialogue technical subjects in English, to decipher and use technical documents.

At the end of this training, the learner will be able to choose the technical field concerned (computer science, automotive, aviation, engineers etc. …)  And list a vocabulary and expressions specific to his technical field.

Our courses are delivered online via our distance course platform, presently in your company or at your home as you see fit.

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